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Under the Alpenland brand, tractors were produced by Bayrische Landmaschinen- und Kraftfahrzeug GmbH between 1948 and 1952. The machines from Wolfratshausen were especially suitable for use on mountains.

Alpenland - History

The Bayrische Landmaschinen- und Kraftfahrzeug GmbH was founded in 1948 under the sales name Alpenland by the Schröter brothers from Thuringia. Production took place in Wolfratshausen and initially consisted of converting used US jeeps into makeshift tractors. The former farmer and engineer Kurt Schröter (1905 -1973) had already made a name for himself with the development of the Thümag tipping agricultural trailer, a semitrailer and a patented overrun device for tractor trailers.

Alpenland - The models

Kurt Schröter developed ideas shortly after the end of the war for the construction of a light agricultural tractor which should be especially suitable for mountain land use. This tractor was technically very interesting at that time. The tractor had a four-wheel steering and could be connected to a two-axle Gutbrod trailer. The universal tractor, which consisted mainly of components from former US-American army vehicles, was presented to the public for the first time at the Bavarian Central Landscape Festival in Munich. There the 15 HP strong Alpenland diesel tractor GS 15 caused a sensation. In 1950 Alpenland took 18th place in the registration statistics with 243 newly registered vehicles. However, this success was not sufficient to help the company achieve supra-regional distribution.

The following year, Alpenland expanded its programme with 25 and 40 hp vehicles, but did not achieve any notable successes. In 1959, the Bayrische Landmaschinen- und Kraftfahrzeug GmbH discontinued its activities.